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NEW! is collecting photos of your pet pigs, potbelly pigs, guinea pigs to post on the website! Send your favourite picture of your pet to today! To Pet Pig Pics home of Pot bellied Pig, has been a valuable pet pig resource since 1996.
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Pet Pig Articles / Pet Pig News / Pet Pig Blogs

Pet Pig - Bringing Your NEW Pet Pig Home From the Breeder

So you have decided to bring you first pet pig into your home. Most breeders are great about setting pig owners up with the right information to take good care of their new pet pig. Here are some questions you can ask the breeder before taking your piglet home.Read more...

Pet Pig - House Train Your Pet Pig Today!

Stop your pet potbelly pig from using your house as a toilet! Pigs are quick learners and with a little bit of work you can have your pet pig litter trained in no time! Read more...

Pet Pigs - I Want a Potbelly Pig. What I should know about Pet Pigs?

There are 73 different breeds of pigs on the planet, so it is about time you owned your own Potbellied Pig. Pet Pigs are easy to train, loyal, curious, intelligent and playful. Potbelly pigs have a life span of 10-15 years and are relatively clean animals. Pigs make unique and lovable pets. Read more...

Tips to Raising a ‘Mini’ Pet Pig

Teacup pigs are cross-bred from Old English strains and a rare breed in New Zealand They are known as Teacup pigs because the are approximately 3” high and 5” long as a piglet and grow only to 15-17 “ high at full maturity. These mini pigs are well known for their good temperament and good companionship. Teacup pigs have a lifespan of 8-14 years and these mini pigs are touted as the next perfect pet. Read more...

Smaller Than a Potbelly Pig, Try a Guinea Pig

Do you think a potbelly pig is too big? Try a Guinea pig as your new pet. These pet pigs are highly social animals and well-behaved with children. Guinea pigs are only 2-3 lbs and 10” long. The lifespan of a Guinea pig is around 4 to 7 years. As pets, Guinea pigs enjoy being pampered and loved, and are capable of returning the same with a soft nuzzle or a head butt. Read more...

Pet Pig - Breeding a Potbelly Pig to Become Your Pet Pig. The Advantages of Potbelly Pigs Breeds.

Forget the snout, the snoring, the mud bath and their consistent search for food and what you really get is an intelligent animal that will fit into your farm life or home without any complaint. Potbelly pigs have been bred to maximize there pet- owner compatibility. Key qualities breeders look for are good temperament, lifespan and domesticity. So that you can have the best time with your own pet potbelly pig. Read more...

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